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"A short healing session that cleared and transmuted frozen fear, anxiety and old wounds of feeling unlovable.  

Within a few minutes over the phone, Sheri uncovered the real underlying issue and she gently lifted it out of my system.  In the following week, I experienced the shattering of one plane/part of my reality and the rebirth to the new, more empowering reality. I can’t recommend Sheri enough for anyone who is trying to shift the patterns of old and make themselves lighter. Thank you Sherri!"

Marjana, Dublin, Ireland



"Sheri moved me out of being "stuck" in illness to lifting me into wellness in 3 days!!!  

I had been continuously coughing for almost 4 months, developed into full blown asthma attacks which took me to the hospital emergency room twice. I was met on the phone with the voice of love, compassion and a strength. I found my ability to breathe deeply, I also slept for the first time in 4 months without coughing and have had little to no cough since! I hope this helps others to have a quantum conversation healing with this truly remarkably skilled and loving spirit."                                    

Beverly A., White Rock, B.C.



"I am truly grateful for being introduced to the gift of Sheri’s healing abilities. 

My frustration from years of living under a cloud of work addiction and self-condemnation and many failed attempts to let go of these self-destructive patterns has shifted notably in just two healing sessions and one workshop with Sheri. Never before has anyone been able to get to the deep roots of my challenges and given me hope that true healing is possible. Sheri’s unique ability to read my energies, exorcise my past historical bonds, connect me to and release the emotional energies that are stuck in my body-mind-spirit, and provide me with helpful tools to continue to address my challenges until we meet again. I know I can count on Sheri to guide me on the next steps of my healing journey."  

Jane S., Toronto, Ont.



“… unexpected release of core beliefs, which reversed chronic migraines, and empowered me beyond my wildest imagination.”

 W.W., Vancouver




"Sheri Green has undoubtedly influenced my life in a positive way.  

Looking back, each appointment with her has been a new turning point in the path of healing and becoming whole.  I feel she has helped me get to the root of many beliefs that were holding me back and causing turmoil in my life, that I didn’t even know about, and heal them in a quick, gentle and permanent way. She is warm and nurturing, intuitive and wise. Each technique she uses will enhance the session in a way that is so specific to what you are dealing with, and what you need to release at that time. Afterwards I feel grounded and inside my body, relaxed, and my energy feels lighter. My thoughts are also clearer and all of this reflects in a brighter outlook in general. Physically, it feels great, and you can tell a difference right away. And emotionally, when you know you have figured some big piece of something out, you can tell things have shifted in a positive direction and it creates this sense of relief and optimism. I have recommended Sherri to several friends who have had equally positive experiences with her and I know that she can help you too.

Olivia, Vancouver, B.C.



"I feel with certainty that Sheri cares for my well-being, my safety and for my healing. 

She touches deep into the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms and aligns all with her touch. She has taught me that I have the power to allow myself the space to heal. I am deeply grateful for the sessions I have had with her."

Jenna, Vancouver, B.C.



"I was diagnosed with calcified ligaments and told that I might need surgery to repair it. A miracle happened. 

I am now able to move my arms with minimal discomfort and can do my  roofing work with the flexibility that it takes. Sheri is, to me, a miracle worker.  When she puts her hands on you, she feels your pain and moves the energy to relieve it. Unlike a Doctor, she actually feels your pain.  If you have a chance to have a treatment from Sheri it would do you good to listen to what she says and participate in the process, the outcome is no less than a miracle."

Colin G. Squamish, B.C.



"As a  practitioner of the Healing Arts for over 16 years, I much enjoyed Sheri’s ability to keep everyone engaged and feeling safe while also encouraging us all to express what's most alive and real for us in each and every moment.  

Her sacred wisdom clearly comes from direct inner experience.  It also lines up perfectly with all the latest Peter Levine and David Hanscom type somatic experiencing… which basically I would consider the latest approach in coming out of drama and chronic looping patterns.  Sheri fully embraced direct experiential aliveness and "body mindfulness".  She keeps it REAL. Its refreshing to have a teacher and guide that is up for some spontaneous fun and diving deep.... I would definitely recommend her experiential events to others on the path to being transparent and whole."

Deva W., Maui, HI



 "Thank you for Creating the space where I could release without judgment knowing that I am held in your Loving embrace & intuitive touch.  

It felt to me that I had a soul retrieval .  I am also more aware of my body and learning to listen and respect it more.  With My Love & endless Gratitude."

Jeanette V., Maui, Hi



"Sheri has been my family's healer for many years. She has a way of knowing exactly what you need to get to the next level. 

She works in tune with you, clearing the confusion of conditioning that has buried our very spirit"

Charles H., Vancouver, B.C.



 "Sheri is a very gifted body worker & intuit. 

She is so insightful in her being & in her energy work. She  helps my body, mind & spirit find unification & healing.  Thank you Sheri for sharing your gifts."

Judy C. Gabriola, B.C. 



"My experience with Sheri  centered around bodywork and accessing my body wisdom.  

Her  knowledge of different modalities, and most importantly, I felt supported and safe throughout the session. As a result of shifting some of the stuck energies, I continued to have many new insights and realizations unfold over the following weeks. Sherri is a gifted healer and I would definitely roccommend her work."

Tara A. Squamish, B.C.



“I'm telling all my friends and colleagues about Sheri's amazing Regenerative Healing sessions. 

I work as a natural product demonstrator and have been suffering with extremely painful  joints over the past year. One session with Sheri and the pain was diminished significantly, after my 2nd session I'm pain free. Sheri goes right to the tissues holding the issues and with gentle, effective technique and guidance... the blocked stagnant energy  released. I'm deeply grateful for her expertise and loving kindness." 

Christina Y. Vancouver, B.C.  



''I have spent thousands of dollars on therapy over the years but in only 2 sessions, Sheri has been able to create fundamental changes for me. 

I have never experienced such profound peace and serenity in my life. In the past, I was ruled by fear, of being hurt or of financial insecurity, intimidation, and resentments. These are all gone now and have been replaced with a newfound peace that is so wonderful. With those I supervise and my own supervisors, I am free to be my authentic self as never before. I find communication flows easier, I am appreciated and respected and I am creating a more positive work space. In my personal life, its simple..... I love myself and will never let anything that would harm me to enter my sphere. Whats more, I've learned to accomplish that with ease, without stress, fear or resentments. Thank-you Sheri...from the bottom of my heart."

Carol N. Nanaimo, B.C.



'' ....compassion, tenderness, and strength. Sheri is an incredible healer, one who masterfully guides my body and spirit into my own healing. 

Stephanie M. Vancouver, B.C.


"What a wonderful experience. 

I was delighted to meet with Sheri Green after hearing so many great things about her. Having been emotionally drained from recent events in my life, I struggle to keep my positivity, faith & hope. After meeting with Sheri I felt rejuvenated and full of life again, I was very pleased. I'd recommend everyone to see her, from emotional and mental healing to physical and spiritual healing."  

Ashley W. Maui, HI



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