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Illuminating Soul Reading

"Sheri is a natural Oracle - bringing her deep understanding, intuition and ability to tune into people on a soul level and I found the reading valuable and accurate." 

- Karen Bacon, Wa.

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Sheri's Soul Readings

I am delighted to share that I am a certified Quantum Oracle now.  Using an ancient system of  numerology and the Hebrew fire letters to decipher your Soul's Blueprint from your birth name, I will help bring you back to your soul's truth. 


All our names and each letter in our name  carries  a sound vibration which creates our personal reality on an energetic level. Each letter in our name has an equivalent Hebrew letter and a certain code. Hebrew is a sacred language and an original language of light.  The Hebrew Fire letters are all creation codes. With this system and your specific codes, both your physical and spiritual challenges, talents, goals and soul's destiny are illuminated and clearly defined.  


Connecting to your Soul's creation story is life changing. People are receiving clarity and answers to the many complexities of their life; and having many Ah-ha's to clarifying their talents, gifts and goals. Understanding deeply who you are at a soul level gives insight into the direction of your soul destiny.  Understanding your purpose/mission is a true  home coming.  




I am passionate about helping others identify their gifts and talents.  Helping others evolve, deepen in self knowledge, helping transform personal challenges,  empowering others on their soul's journey and assisting people to embody their Soul's purpose gives me goose bumps and great Joy to be of service in this way. 




Here is what some people are saying about their soul profile readings:


"I have had an amazing experience working with Sherri. I have been feeling great shifts of consciousness and

 I am more grounded in my body and aware of what is true for me. Sherri uses various modalities from bodywork to EFT, life coaching, acupuncture,  and is an excellent listener and intuitive healer. During my first few sessions I had a Soul profile done that she also offers and I was blown how powerful it was, I had a deep awakening to my purpose. Sherri skillfully interpreted both physical and soul challenges and gifts and I found it really accurate. I was able to tune into what brings me joy, what fills my cup. With that I can live more fully and authentically." 

Kate, Squamish, B.C.





Have Your Reading Done

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"Thank-you so much....I believe this was the most accurate, clear and true to color reading I have ever had...bless you"

Charles N. Holmes, Vernon, B.C.

"My Soul Reading with Sheri was quite amazing. By analyzing my full birth name and date of birth, the reading served to provide a powerful reminder of my personal gifts and talents along with their relationship to lifelong challenges and goals in both the physical (manifested) and spiritual planes. 

The reading is very comprehensive, detailed and 'layered'.  Sherri is able to skillfully and intuitively weave all the various components together in a meaningful fashion, to illuminate for the client a type of personal roadmap with which to move forward -- with purpose and authenticity. "


Toronto, Canada


"Sheri is a natural as an Oracle - bringing her deep understanding, intuition and ability to tune into people on a soul level and I found the reading valuable and accurate." 

Karen Bacon, Wa.


"Sheri gave me two beautiful Soul readings,  It was truly amazing at how accurately it coincided with the "who I was in earlier years, who I am now and where I am going. 

Love and Gratitude,"

Barbra Portman, Alt. Canada


" I recently had a Soul reading with Sheri and it was incredible. Truly one of the most accurate systems I have come across in this lifetime. Sherri always has such a beautiful way of balancing the energy between being the messenger and guiding with her intuitive knowledge. I highly recommend these new offerings to anyone who is wanting confirmation of their current soul path or looking for guidence in the journey of their soul purpose." 

Gina Leigh, Mexico


"I would definitely recommend Soul Readings for other young people - as a guide to understand and learn about themselves, and as reassurance for why they are they way they are. I found the reading insightful, interesting and accurate. I enjoyed learning things about myself that  I can work on and be aware of, now and in the future. Sherri is also very warm, kind and comfortable to talk to." 

Jack, 16yrs old

Squamish, B.C.

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