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About Sherri

Aloha! I lived on Maui, Hawaii for 27 years and studied with the Hawaiian Kahunas and Tibetan spiritual teachers. I have been assisting individuals on their journey of health and wholeness for over 40 years.


My professional background is in:

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Body-Work, Energy Medicine, Certified Life Coach and many other healing modalities of  body/mind/soul. I bring to the table my expertise and innate intuition to assist people on their healing and life journey.

I tell people "I am your reminder. I will remind you of what is inherent, natural and always available within you. I will assist you in taking your own reins, making new conscious choices and connecting to your individual path of Health, Freedom, Joy & Wisdom".


If you've come this far, the next step is to trust that you are here for a reason and treat yourself to a nourishing transformational experience.

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