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Coal To Diamonds

Transformational Program

Are you ready to transform your life in only 3 months?

About  the Program

I am so excited to offer my 12 week Coal to Diamonds Transformational Coaching program!

Experience true transformation, joy, passion and deepening into Self...and so much more.

Through this program, you will:

  1. Reveal what matters most to you in every level of your life

  2. Direct your life with conscious choices

  3. Work on your Inner Alchemy

  4. Learn to focus

  5. Clear core beliefs, genetic conditioning, patterns, habits, fears, and doubts

  6. Learn tools for transmuting energy and turning your coal into diamonds

  7. Expand, Get in touch with your intuition, deepen your listening, and illuminate

  8. Learn to manifest and integrate


This  is about YOU,  writing your own story. When we don't write our own story, then we are living someone else's story....parents, grandparents, husbands, wife's, mates, teachers, friends, society.......

Its about creating your dreams, experiencing  what truly matters to you in all areas of your life:

  • Health/Well-Being

  • Relationships

  • Career, Creativity, Expression

  • Time, Money, Freedom



If this resonates with you, please contact me thru email or phone to schedule your complimentary phone session. 


 "Sheri’s Coals to Diamonds course has provided me with ways to recognize my negative emotions and feelings (coals) and turn them into new and positive ways of being (diamonds).  Sherri has a special ability to show me how to use attention, intention, and focus to get to a better place in my inner world. She was able to help me understand the connection between my thoughts and feelings and how they “show up in my body”. The emotions I learned to identify and change range from loss, grief, sadness, worry, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness. It is such an empowering experience to be shown that there is a way to turn a painful past or experience into a positive way forward."

Anja, Ladysmith, B.C.

How it Works

There are 6 modules and each module is worked with for 2 weeks. We connect on the phone once a week for 12 weeks.  We will be working with 2 books.  You will receive homework, guided meditations, many transforming tools, and guidance to assist you in fulfilling and experiencing what you desire  in all areas of your life. You will find what naturally is true for you, your joy,  how to move through challenges and those limiting beliefs and patterns that have been sabotaging and limiting YOU for so long. We will be healing and renewing your number 1 relationship, which is  with YOU, as well as creating the kind of relationships that are most fulfilling.  Creating wellness and knowing what is appropriate for your body and health. Giving life to your calling,  abundance, contribution, existing career or creating anew and bringing your lost dreams and gifts alive.   This personalized program is for people who want transformation in their lives, and within themselves. These people know there is more, and they are looking for the appropriate person to remind them of what is possible and someone who has lived it and can guide them.  A coach doesn't have all the answers although, "You Do".    



"I was very ready to take Sheri’s program - "Coal to Diamonds". I felt and intuitively knew I needed it to help me to grow further. And it was so wonderful!
After we were clear about my biggest challenges at that time on week 1, Sheri helped me to create new, conscious choices. She was giving me the tools from week 1 to 12 that I was constantly trying to apply and I experienced and felt differences right away. The whole time, they helped me to release, see, acknowledge, be aware of, and understand what was going on within and around me. I still have been using those tools every day, it feels so good that I really have the power to change what I want to change and choose what I really want to manifest in my life. 
All the weeks I received Sheri’s full support, her endless compassion and unconditional love, non-judgmental attitude and what more she believed in me more than I did in myself. Simply, she was there for me the whole time and I trusted her completely. 
What I loved the most when talking to Sheri was that she would be giving me the right questions at the right moment that were like hitting the pin on its head. They were just perfect for me at that moment to release what I was holding inside. With no resistance, no resentment they set me free. Sheri is very gifted to have her senses clear and pure which was quite remarkable for me to experience. 
Throughout the program I had several AHA moments, awareness moments and revelations that were so amazing, freeing and humorous at the same time as I have become more present and conscious. This program with Sheri’s,  helped me in my relationships with my 3 children and  my husband. As I found my own patience and compassion  with myself first, then I was able to be present in my relating with my children so much more. My relating with my husband is deepening, as well as our communication. Our family is having more fun together too.  Having a clear vision of my wants and needs, believing in myself more than before, trusting my inner feelings, having faith that all is well  and life is beautiful.    Thank you Sheri very much! Love you"    

Ingrid S. Squamish, B.C.

"I am truly grateful for being introduced to the gift of Sherri's healing abilities. My frustration from years of living under a cloud of work addiction and self condemnation and many failed attempts to let go of these self-destructive patterns has notably shifted in just 2 healing sessions and one workshop with Sherri. Never before has someone been able to get to the deep roots of my challenges and given me hope that healing is possible. Sherri's unique ability to read my energies, exorcise my past historical bonds, connect me to and release the emotional energies that have been stuck in my body-mind and provide me with helpful tools to continue to address my challenges. I know I can count on Sherri to guide me on the next steps of my healing journey."

Jane, Toronto, Ont.

"Using what seems to be an endless array of techniques, Sherri coached me into a place of real freedom after having struggling to fix my own anxiety and depression for many years. In both​ my personal and professional life, her expertise guided me into a place of real direction with a​ new positive outlook that I was unable to attain before. Having had the privilege of utilizing just a​ few of her gifts, I can wholeheartedly recommend that anyone looking for clear direction look no​ further than the ‘Coal to Diamonds’ life coaching programme offered by Sheri. Our phone​ sessions were no less powerful than our in person ones, I always felt supported and never felt​ judged. Sherri cares about people and she gets real results."

Ashley D. Vancouver, B.C.

"I highly recommend Sherri Green’s Coal to Diamonds Coaching Program. It is deeply transformational – and gave me tools, helped me grow, learn about myself, and made me aware of the mind-body connection with my feelings and reactions – all of which has and will help me in my personal and professional life. Sherri is a warm, supportive, and encouraging Coach, whom I now consider a friend. I felt like she “got” me.  I am so grateful I did this program – it has made a difference for me, in countless ways." 

~   Christine Barton, Squamish B.C                

Sheri Green


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