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Distance Healing


Personal Coaching

With compassion and insight, I listen to who you are and what matters to you. I  help you come to a greater awareness, guide you in making new conscious choices while connecting with your source of unlimited possibilities.

It is my joy to facilitate people in writing their own story, creating the life they most desire and will find fulfilling.

The focus is on all areas of life:

Your Health/Well-Being, Relationships, Career/Calling, Creativity, Finances, Deepest Desires and Soul's Intention.

I assist people thru their limiting patterns, beliefs and habits, bringing to light unconscious conditioning and programing.

You will be supported with inspiration and encouragement to transform your "trash to treasure/coal to diamonds" and experience your birthright of happiness and wholeness.

This is about YOU!



"I can't say enough about the distance healing I have experienced with Sheri. I have been privileged to work in person and by phone and both are equally powerful. Working with Sherri is not only a blessing, it is like a breath of  fresh air, infused with Love, Light, wisdom and compassion. Twice now I found myself caught in the sludge of emotional turmoil and both times Sherri has been there to gently and efficiently guide me through to clarity".

Judy S. Reike Teacher,  Melbourne Australia 

"Since beginning to work with Sheri, I've noticed positive and deep personal changes as a result of her wonderful transformational coaching. 

She is an expert listener, excelling at working holistically (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects) and  is  compassionate and very intuitive. Sheri draws on many skills and modalities to customize each coaching session to my current needs and/or issues arising in my life. In a relatively short period of time, I've been able to break through several long-standing  and self-limiting  core beliefs; the resulting insights continue to lead to real change. Due to some deep shifts in consciousness and the release of old trauma, I've noticed physical health improvements as well. 

I would highly recommend Sherri to anyone serious about moving forward in their life, looking to clear away personal blocks and embrace personal growth on any level."

J.S. Toronto


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