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Regenerative Healing 

Holistic Health, Wellbeing & Transformational Coaching
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Sheri Green

is the founder of Regenerative Healing with over 40 years experience as a holistic body, mind and energy healer.  She is also an acupuncturist, a facilitator of a myriad of mind-body modalities. With her own 3 month program called Coal to Diamonds, Sherri specializes in transformation as a life coach, as well as a certified oracle, offering soul blueprint readings.
Listen to my Transformational Monologue
where I share my story of finding out I have cancer, and of the healing journey that was ignited 

"God made chemo too” are the words I heard at the other end of my phone by my dear friend Saraswati. I had just been diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer at the end of 2020. I was still in shock!  I had been working in the health and healing field for over 40 years, helping people on their journey of healing, also taking care of me the best I could. 

It was not easy to meet my denial, fear, helplessness and aloneness but I followed my intuition and kept listening to my guidance. My dreams were also showing me direction and clarity as well. 

For me, Cancer was a huge wakeup and a powerful catalyst to change my life and come to a deep new embrace of my body, mind and soul.  I was to bridge western medicine and the amazing healing modalities to assist me in my own  healing and transformation. I’ve been there and I am available to help you or your loved one.

“Never before has anyone been able to get to the deep roots of my challenges and given me hope that true healing is possible.”


“… unexpected release of core beliefs, which reversed chronic migraines, and empowered me beyond my wildest imagination.”


"Sheri moved me out of being "stuck" in illness to lifting me into wellness ..."

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